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Bodyfix was established with the goal of helping every patient to understand and effectively manage the cause of their complaint through gentle and personalized care plans. Whether it’s a professional athlete or an overworked office staffer, Dr. Rich takes the time to get to know and understand the needs of each patient and design a care plan to quickly and affordably return them to health.

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MRI’s don’t always tell what’s really going on

By Dr. Rich Cimadoro  11 Dec 2015

Ever wake up with a shifted low back?  Patient today came in with 9 out of 10 back pain, unable to stand up straight. Flexeril for 2 days for muscle spasm,…

“Shut Off” Quad Muscle

By Dr. Rich Cimadoro  12 Nov 2015

Recently we worked with a cyclist complaining of a “shut off” left quad. He reported that when he pedaled hard that his left leg had no power.

Exam showed very tight quad…

Runner’s Knee Case Study

By Dr. Rich Cimadoro  12 Nov 2015

Patellofemoral pain aka “runner’s knee”

29 year old female runner strained her knee 6 weeks ago during the last 3miles of a half marathon and has had pain since. We did a…

Whiplash From Car Accident Case Study

By Dr. Rich Cimadoro  12 Nov 2015

Whiplash from car accident.

Worked with a female patient just 3 days after getting rear-ended at a light by an inattentive driver. When I asked where the pain was, she wrapped her…

Client Testimonials

Lourdes Bodyfix 1

Thank you for getting me back on the path to good health.  The compassionate rehabilitative care I received from you and your team has made a tremendous positive impact on my life.  Without your care, I would still be…

Rich Bodyfix 1

“Dr. Rich, I can’t describe the relief I felt with my back after seeing you the other day. I was sure I was done for! The exercises work great and I’ve been doing the Foundation exercises throughout the day….